bullet imagebullet imageOur premium quality manual coffee grinder with hand crank is a great choice for everybody who loves coffee brewing. You will enjoy unforgettable experience of freshly ground coffee beans. We put emphasis on great sleek design and durability of our GrinderLandâ„¢ burr coffee grinder. You will love this portable coffee grinder.

  • Enjoy unforgettable aroma from your freshly grind coffee beans
  • Enjoy your coffee anywhere and anytime
  • Enjoy your coffee time!

Ceramic burrs

You will experience the real taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee thanks to ceramic stones with which it is equipped. Unlike blades, which burn the coffee beans, ceramic stones extract the aroma that is typical of your favorite coffee beans.

Adjustable grind fineness

With the little black screw you can easily set the desired grind fineness. It is suitable for most ways of preparing coffee. It is great for Turkish, Greek coffee or French press as well for espresso.

durable and superbly designed

the GrinderLandâ„¢ manual coffee bean grinder is thin, shiny and fits perfectly in the hand. The high-quality stainless steel ensures a long service life and great durability. 

Free coffee spoon and brush

You will get FREE stainless steel coffee spoon and cleaning brush. The coffee spoon is featured with clip, which is ideal to close your bag with coffee beans. The wooden cleaning brush is great for cleaning less accessible spaces in coffee grinder.


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