1. Disassemble the coffee grinder into the hopper and the collection container.
  2. Set the desired grind fineness.
  3. Connect the hopper to the collection container.
  4. Remove the hopper lid.
  5. Pour the required amount of coffee beans into the hopper.
  6. Put the hopper lid back on, and tighten it firmly.
  7. Turn the handle clockwise until all the coffee beans are completely ground.
  8. Take the grinds cup out for easy access to the ground coffee.

WARNING - DO NOT use moist coffee beans. Always make sure there is no object other than the coffee beans in the hopper. If the mill jams, DO NOT use brute force and continue to grind. Remove the handle, and pour out the coffee beans and the object that caused the jam. DO NOT use the grinder or crank the grinder handle unless there are beans in the hopper, as it can cause damage to the ceramic stones or other mechanical parts.


  1. Use a coffee bean sample to determine the current grind fineness.
  2. Make sure there are no coffee beans in the hopper.
  3. Turn the black screw clockwise to set a finer grind.
  4. Turn the screw counter-clockwise to set a coarser grind.

WARNING - if the adjustment screw is too tight, the ceramic stones can be damaged. If it is too loose, the ceramic stones can be loosened.


  1. Use a cleaning brush to remove coffee powder or grains from the area around the ceramic stones.
  2. Hand wash the GrinderLand coffee grinder with soap and hot water if necessary.

WARNING - this coffee grinder can only be washed by hand. Do not use a dishwasher.

For better image you can see manual coffee grinder in separate state.